30-31 March, 2017 | Hilton Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Workshop Day: Monday, 3 April 2017

Day 1

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Communication and demonstrating positive results is the key to great partnerships. This session will look at establishing communication channels from the get go, opening up opportunities for regular catch-ups and leveraging technology and tools to over barriers such as distance. This session will also delve deeper into uncovering what each group of stakeholder need from each other and the developing the best way to convey this to promote commercialization.

  • Setting the right foundations for a meaningful long term partnership
  • In their shoes: Identifying what each stakeholder finds critical and establishing channels to communicate these effectively
  • Leveraging technology to overcome distance
  • Aligning differing outcomes for a common goal
The key to a great partnership is demonstrating the ROI for enterprise partners. It is a long term partnership and the results are not immediate, this presents a challenge when working with partners who need a quicker ROI. This session will identify a best practice model to capture long term results and demonstrate quick wins in a way that meets partner requirements without compromising the research commercialisation.

  • Uncovering partner KPIs for research commercialisation
  • Isolating and integrating parameters that measure this
  • Demonstrating quick wins
  • The power of narrative
Innovation continues to be a top priority for the administration and rightly so. The Economy needs to evolve for the future and move away from relying solely on traditional industries. This session will bring together different stakeholders, looking at research, commmercialisation, investment, funding and scaling innovation. With insights from universities, researchers and venture capitalists, this panel will investigate what it take to kickstart the new economy and cease opportunities for future growth.

  • Examining the research and development landscape and opportunities for the future
  • Commercialising research and collaboration between researchers and commercial organisations
  • Collaborating with start-ups and universities
  • Driving a culture of entrpreneurship