30-31 March, 2017 | Hilton Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG)

Website: http://sydney.edu.au/business/research/digital-disruption

The aim of the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) is to bring together colleagues from academia and industry who share an interest in the wider topic area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and change.

While the DDRG is open to a wide range of topics and approaches without restricting possible research initiatives we share an interest in investigating and exploring the particular nature and characteristics of disruptive change and its implications for business practice.

We envision that the research group will be defined by and assume an identity over time through the initiatives that emerge organically in a bottom-up way.

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Technology IQ

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Technology IQ, a division of IQPC, is dedicated to providing practical, detailed information through conferences and training courses held at both the national and international level. By providing accurate, objective and up-to-date developments and trends in various industries, Technology IQ enables organizations to remain competitive and profitable.

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Technology Decisions

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